Well guys last time I posted I had a salt over load. I'm happy to say things are better since then. I more than learned my lesson. Not a whole lot is going. Just sticking to eating clean, going to the gym, & couponing. I was actually planning to go go the gym this morning before work at 7. But I have a horrible headache hopefully it'll leave soon. I'm sure your wondering what I've been eating. Here's how my day goes most of the time.


4 pieces of turkey bacon, 2 egg whites, & a boiled egg

I always get full and never eat my boiled egg so I keep it for snack time.

Mid morning snack:

Optifast shake and boiled egg

Yes I know it's more calories but I'm trying to bump up my calorie count remember I'm not being watched anyone so 800 calories is a no no.


A piece of chicken or fish with veggies and celery

Something kinda like this. The chicken is not fried just breaded. It's actually a Tyson chicken strip lol! It's funny I use to eat 4 of these with fries now I barely eat it all.

Mid afternoon snack:

Lite and fit yogurt it tastes amazing plus it's a lot more protein and a lot less sugar.


Fish or chicken with veggies

Last night it was cod and veggies!

Other things I like are omelettes with just eggs, chicken, and a little cheese. It tastes amazing!!! Also I like peanut butter with celery and raw almonds.

Here are some things and food I've got couponing lately.

These are 1$ at Kroger and walmart I used a .60 cent off 3 making them .80 cents each. I usually eat half at night and save half for lunch. If your Kroger doubles this would be a great deal!

The Tyson chicken seen in the picture. I ad matched at walmart for 2.88 from piggly wiggly. It's all natural but I do plan on asking my optifast office if these guys are ok since they are breaded.

I also found these at Kroger 10/10 used a 1$ off 2 coupon and they also had a deal buy 6 get one free so I paid 4$ for 10 of them. They taste amazing but sadly have more sugar than protein so I won't be eating them much. Oh well I've talked enough hope you guys have a great day!


Hey guys! Today as been great so far! I feel really icky tonight but I believe it's the normal food I ate. Today I did 4 optifast shakes, a small bowl of peaches and a salad when I got home tonight. I thought a spinach salad would be a good choice. Boy was I wrong! All that was in the salad was spinach, 4 oz chicken breast, bacon bits with Olive Garden dressing. I notice while eating it it tasted as salty. I figured it was because I wasn't use to much sodium. I finish most of it mainly because I didn't want to waste my chicken. I go in to take a bath and look in the mirror my face was blood red and swollen. I ran to look at the sodium intake it was 520mg for the dressing and 180 for bacon bits! That's insane! That's not in two of my optifast meals. Needless to say I feel like poo and I'm drinking a ton of water. I also believe I'll be switching salad dressings and making my own bacon bits with turkey bacon. Any who I've whined enough for one day. Lesson learned!


Hey guys! Guess what!?!? I've lost 7 pounds since Friday! Yay! I won't lie I got kinda teary eyed after hearing that and knowing I have to leave. I love the staff and I'm really gonna miss them. I go Friday to talk about some of the things I'll need to do and what to eat till I return in the summer. In 8 1/2 weeks I've lost 31 pounds! Starting at 270 now I'm 239. I ate my first meal a little while ago.

I had this much left! I know crazy right! I couponed again last night.

All free besides 7 in taxes :(. Over look the candy bars. I only got them because they are a money maker! You see I got a lot of Special K, slim fast, and fiber one. I went back today to get more slim fast since it's free. I'll keep you guys updated still on my weight loss! It's been a fun ride but the best is yet to come!


Hey guys! I have some sad news. This will be my last week on optifast. I do plan on returning in the summer. Optifast is a wonderful program but right I just can't afford to continue. I do still plan on still going to the gym and eating 5 small meals a day. But without a doctor watching me I'll move my calorie count up to 1800. Tomorrow will be last and final weigh in. We had someone try to break in our home last night with us here and a home security system is what I need to invest my money in. I'll still be running the blog. I hope you guys understand. I will go back in the summer and will complete the 14 weeks!


Hey guys! Hoping all of you are having a great day. It's a new year anything is possible! Stay strong and say no to the black eyed peas trust me I know it's hard. But we got this! I'm over half way there!

Today has been a pretty great day I started back couponing and saved 200$ so far. Best part is I only paid 10$ most of it being taxes.

I'm very proud of myself ! Everything is still great here in optifast world. Really excited about this year and meeting the person I always wanted to be! I'm still doing mostly shakes I'm never hungry hardly. I do get thirsty a lot through. Anywho I'm gonna plan out some more coupon trips. Happy new year guys!


Sorry my post for Saturday is just getting uploaded. I thought it went through. Oh well.

It's my last day off till next week. I've enjoyed the past 5 days very much. And I truly think I just needed a break from the world. I plan on starting back on my couponing the first of the year!!! Yes, I'm one of those people. And yes I have a stock pile room. Lol! It keeps me busy and saves ALOT of money.

I've been lazy and haven't been to the gym in 4 days. More because I hated to drive 20 mins and waste gas. I'll catch back up New Year's Day. Excited to see weigh in day. Fingers crossed for 6 pounds that'll make it 30 so far!!

I also plan on trying out this challenge I think it'll be fun!


Hiya guys!!! We'll yesterday was weigh in day. I was a little sad to see it was only 6 pounds from last week. Making only 24 lost so far. Oh we'll I'll hit 25 next week cross your fingers for 30! I went ahead and got my reward through only because my iPhone 4S was going crazy deleting numbers and turning it self off and on. I now I have the 5s and love it! Since it was suppose to be my reward for 75 lost it'll be my reward for 25-40 pounds. I haven't had a chance to go to gym today or yesterday but we plan on going early in the morning! Devins mom came and visited us. She helped me organize and redo a lot of things around the house. We still had a lot of things from the other people who sold us the house. I feel like everytime I opened a door more stuff fell out. Hopefully it's all gone now! Anywho I'm rambling so I'll update soon!!

Hi guys from Manning! Doesn't my house look like a home now?!?!?


Hey optifasters! Im hoping you all I had a great Christmas and Santa got you everything you wanted! Optifast is actually my Christmas present from Devin. It's something I've wanted for years and let's face it this stuff isn't cheap. But in the long run when I'm not on 10 different meds by the time I'm 30 it'll pay off. I got to eat a little human food for Christmas! Christmas Eve night after I got off work we ended up at Gold Strike Casnio where temptation is everywhere of course. We ate at a buffet of all places. Even with all the temptation I standed my ground. I ate a piece of turkey some Broccoli, I fixed a very very small salad and took a couple bites and guess what I got full! Wow I know!!! We were there such a long time because he was still eating so I got a little piece of sugarfree cheesecake and it was amazing! It's really awesome to know that just after 6 weeks my stomach is so much smaller and happier! Christmas Day I worked 13 hours from 6am-7pm while at work I did 4 shakes and planned on doing soup when I got home but Devin fixed me a small piece of fish. I ate half of the piece which had 50 calories and a piece if cheese. Guess what I got full! Now Christmas is over no more human food time Feb. I had also planned to sleep all day today but I'm having second thoughts. I plan on cleaning, hitting the gym, and hopefully some family time tonight!! I'll get to weigh in tomorrow I believe the office has been closed for Christmas. So I'll update tomorrow!! Hope you guys have a great day!!!

Me Christmas Eve night

Sugarfree cheesecake yum!!

Yesterday morning I really am starting to see a difference.


Nothing really has changed much here in optifast land. I went to the gym again yesterday after work. The next three days are gonna be pretty crazy for me work 3-11 tonight, 10 hours tomorrow, and 12 hours Christmas. Which really doesn't bother me. Sure I have plenty of aunts, uncles, & cousins but they all have families of their own. Christmas really isn't that special of a day for me anymore. Don't get me wrong I love celebrating the birth of Christ but the whole not having a place to go puts a draper on the whole day. But on the plus side I'll be getting paid double time and I'm off the 5 days after. I may even treat myself to a diet cherry coke. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!!


First day of optifast, week 3, end of week 5

Before optifast and week 5


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